UI Design Best Practices for Google Glass


as presented by Timothy Jordan at SXSW 2013

Here are a handful of UI best practices to use when designing for Glass. A few of these were presented at SXSW 2013 by Google’s Timothy Jordan. The rest are my own from years of next-gen UI design experience.

  1. keep it simple. no, *really* simple.
  2. the screen is TINY. so make your fonts BIG, and put only the most essential information on screen.
  3. smooth visual transitions. this is right in the users eye. no blinking lights. think crossfades and flowing animations.
  4. The font in all the Google demos is Roboto, of varying weights. Download it and get familiar with it. Roboto to Glass is as Chicago was to the original Mac.
  5. The interface metaphor is info-cards.
  6. Use a small natural language indicator in the lower right to indicate a relative timestamp for the card’s information. As in, “just now”, “now”, “3 minutes ago”, “yesterday”, “3 days ago” etc.
  7. Use cases: Glass is for information about the moment, and information ‘snacking’. It is not for the consumption of feature films, e-book novels, or AAA videogames. Unless its an audiblebook. :)

>> Click here to preview a Photoshop template embodying these principals

>> Click here to download the Roboto font