What are the available Google Glass voice commands?

say delicious in thai

o.k. glass, say ‘delicious’ in thai

The primary means of input to Google Glass is via voice commands. Here’s a listing of known voice commands, based on transcription of the company’s demo video. It is confirmed that all the apps shown in the latest video are in fact functional software running on the Glass Explorer Edition, due for imminent release.

It is most likely that Glass uses a form of natural language processing, or NLP, to parse user requests into actions and route them to the appropriate services. All commands are pre-queued with the phrase ‘o.k. glass‘, which essentially is the keyphrase that makes Glass pay attention to the voice commands or requests that follow.

Google Glass Voice Commands:

task command
video “record a video”
photo “take a picture”
initiate hangout “hang out with [person/circle].”
search “google [search query].”
image search “google photos of [search query].”
translate “say [phrase] in [language].”
navigate “give directions to [place].”
TXT / SMS “send a message to [name].”
“send [message] to [name].”
weather “how is the weather in [location]?”
air travel “when does flight [flight number] depart from [airport]?”

For the accompanying visual representations of these commands, see the Google Glass PSD template, which has card templates for each of these applications.