What is Google Glass? The Basics

So, we hear all this buzz… yet what is Google Glass, really?

Google Glass is arguably the most advanced wearable computer that money can buy c. 2013. Designed to resemble a pair of eyeglasses, it packs a massive amount of computing power into a total package that is slim, lightweight, and on the edge of fashionability.

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Glass delivers small relevant packages of information directly to the eye of the user via a micro-projector. It enables the user to interact with information in a natural, generally non-interruptive, and completely hands-free manner.

Philosophically, Glass is the first interactive computing device that offers genuine presentational intimacy. In other words, both the audio and video delivered to the user are on a completely private channel, and unobservable by those around you.

Secondarily, Glass functions as a life-logging device, a.k.a. spy camera and audio recorder. Glass can, with the utterance of natural language voice commands or a simple hand gesture, record high resolution photographs, HD video, and/or complete audio recordings of whatever is going on around you.

Finally, Glass is a fully-functioning stand-alone computing device that sits on your face. It has within it all the classical components of a computer, and then some: input via voice and gesture and touch, a color display, audio, memory, storage, and network connectivity. Additionally, Glass includes location-awareness including a compass, accelerometers, and gyroscopes, all of which constantly inform the device of the wearer’s orientation and head movements.

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