What other smart glasses compete with Google Glass?

There are quite a few smart glasses that compete with Google Glass. These can be classified into two broad categories. First, there are other SmartGlass manufacturers, companies who are producing intelligent eyewear. And secondly, there are consumer electronics, fashion brands, and mobile handset makers who are bringing to market smartwatches, fitness monitors, and other tech which will compete for consumer’s walletshare and confidence. It is reasonable to think that many consumers will make a choice of spending their dollars on either a smartglass or a smartwatch.

First, here are the companies and products who are producing actual smartglass, i.e. direct competition to Glass:

AV glass:
VR goggles:
digital contact lenses:
optical nerve implants:

For an overview of other products in the smartwear space, stay tuned for our forthcoming report.

Also, there are headcams / life-vloggers, which we’ll cover in detail in a separate post:

  • Looxcie
  • Contour
  • GoPro
  • Epiphany Eyewear
  • Taser Axon
  • MeMoto

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