Who are the key players on the Google Glass team?

All core members of the Google Glass team are listed below.
Scroll past the list to see mini-bios,  Google+ profile and website links.

Executive Leadership of Project Glass includes:

  • Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, head of X-Labs
  • Sebastian Thrun,
  • Babak Parviz, head of Project Glass

Core Team Members who are front facing / speak in public about Glass:

  • Steve Lee, Product Manager
  • Thad Starner, Technical Lead / Manager
  • Isabelle Olsson, Senior Industrial Designer
  • Sarah Price, Glass Developer Community Advocate
  • Jenny Murphy, Glass Developer Programs Engineer
  • Timothy Jordan, Glass Developer Advocate
  • Stephen Lau, Software Engineer

Additional Team Members:

  • Mike Lebeau, Senior Engineer
  • Bob Ryskamp, UX Lead
  • Ian McKellar, Senior Software Engineer
  • Alain Vongsouvanh
  • Salil Pandit
  • Ossama Alami
  • Keith Ito
  • Amanda Rosenberg
  • Greg Priest-Dorman
  • Evan Rapoport

Bios / Links:

Sergey Brin
Sebastian Thrun
Babak Parviz
Steve Lee
  • project manager and “geolocation specialist”
  • longtime Google product manager, specializing in location and mapping areas
  • Google+ profile
  • LinkedIn
Isabelle Olsson
  • senior industrial designer on Google Glass
  • longtime Google product manager, specializing in location and mapping areas
  • joined Google in 2011 after getting recruited — through LinkedIn — from Fuseproject, Yves Behar’s design agency
Sarah Price

Bob Ryskamp

Mike LeBeau
LinkedIn + Facebook + Twitter + Google+

Ian McKellar
LinkedIn + Google+

Amanda Rosenberg
Product Marketing Manager

Glass Developer Relations Team:

Timothy Jordan
Glass Developer Advocate
Google+ : Timothy Jordan

Jenny Murphy
Glass Developer Programs Engineer
Google+ : Jenny Murphy

Ossama Alami
Google+ : Ossama Alami

Stephen Lau
software engineer

Alain Vongsouvanh
Google+ : Alain Vongsouvanh

Keith Ito
personal website

Evan Rapoport
Google+ : Evan