dSky9 wins Prestigious Award at MoDev Asia for Glass First Strategy

Hong Kong
April 13, 2013 MoDev Asia : Viral Potential Award

Barg Upender, co-founder of dSky9.com, presented the company's leading edge apps for Google Glass today at MoDevAsia. The field was narrowed to 5 finalists, of which Upender was one. At the conclusion of audience voting, dSky9 was awarded the coveted "Viral Potential" trophy, as part of the elite Disruptathon.

Upender's presentation launched the "Glass First" meme, outlining a design philosophy centering on delivering content and interaction to the prototype wearable computing platform being launched by Google. In his presentation, he presents pre-visualizations of dSky9's flagship applications for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts, followed by an overall look at the dSky9 application development framework.

He encouraged designers and entrepreneurs in the audience to deeply consider both the limitations and strengths of the Glass Explorer platform, and to avoid simply porting existing applications from smartphones to Glass. "Glass requires a re-thinking of the app," says Upender. "You've got to think in bursts; you've got to think in clarity and elegance; you've got to condense your information to the most elegant and streamlined views possible."

Upender went on to demonstrate dSky9's flagship glassware applications, including StarFinder, UltraRun, and PathFinder.

dSky9 is one of the first companies on the planet to design a suite of applications specifically for Glass, and the broader smartwear marketplace. You can find out more by visiting http://dSky9.com.

dSky9 is a registered trademark of Aura Crafters, Inc.