Upender, Roberts, Ackerson present Glass Future Vision at Mobile Outlook 2013

Washington, DC
May 8, 2013

Barg Upender, Greg Roberts, and Noble Ackerson at Mobile Outlook 2013

Barg Upender and Greg Roberts of dSky9 today presented "Google Glass : The Future of Mobile" to a packed audience at the annual Mobile Outlook 2013, presented by DC TechWire.

Upender made the case that "Glass will become to your phone as a tablet is to your laptop", stating that user behavior would migrate in the ensuing years. Upender says that just as travelers leave their laptops at home and take just a tablet on a plane, a similar behavior would emerge in situations where people felt comfortable leaving their phones behind and just wearing their smartglass. He then cited market data from a recent ABI Research report showing wearable unit sales approaching 500 million units annually by 2018.

Barg Upender articulates the mobile future

Roberts demonstrated a prototype of the company's forthcoming app, StarFinder, the first game for Google Glass. Upon launch, the app shows a leaderboard and videogame-like interface, overlaid atop a natural view of the stars and constellations. It then challenges users to identify new constellations within a pre-set time limit.

A brief Q&A followed with Noble Ackerson joining Roberts and Upender. Audience questions were answered such as 'how does Glass stream video' and 'does Glass require a cellphone'. Ackerson was kind enough to allow audience members to try on his coveted Glass Explorer Edition after the talk.

dSky9 is one of the first companies on the planet to design a suite of applications specifically for Glass, and the broader smartwear marketplace. You can find out more by visiting http://dSky9.com.

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greg presents the idea of starfinder greg demos starfinder as noble ackerson looks on

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