JauntVR manufactures high-end stereoscopic 3D 360 capture rigs.

Aside from total synthesis in a videogame engine, live capture is the other primary method of generating VR content.

A caveat of this technique is that, without a genlocked 360 LIDAR scan and total knowledge of the depth environment, the Player is physically locked to the location of the camera head while filming. So the resulting footage has “sweet spots” where the stereo camera pairs converge, and then “awkward areas” in the visual valleys of in-between, where algorithmic interpolation does its best to form a valid stereo image pair.

Here’s some shots of the semi-exotic hardware, which is based on a custom enclosure with power and data routings, using the guts of a suite of 14 GoPro cameras. A similar product is now in development at Samsung, dubbed Project Beyond.

photos: JauntVR hardware


JauntVR-closeup    JauntVR-onmount  JauntVR-side JauntVR-innardsJauntVR-top




early prototypes


Jaunt VR 360 3D capture rig

Jaunt hardware in the field

On the set of “The Mission”, one of the first high-end Hollywood-style short films for VR.


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