Joining JauntVR, Condition One, and others, Samsung (who also released GearVR, the first truly mobile, modern HMD) announced on 11/11 the availability of a slick 360 degree digital capture rig, dubbed “Project Beyond.”

The rig looks impressive. It contains 16 ultra-wide angle HD cameras in a locked configuration, and is capable of capturing a full giga-pixel (one billion pixels) of digital video resolution per second.

Witness Project Beyond for yourself:

(scroll for still images below the video)

for the whole story, visit the official Project Beyond website
(part of Samsung’s elite Silicon Valley ThinkTankTeam)

Project Beyond Images:

Project Beyond sits atop a tripod at 5’10″… standard human eye height, ready for a natural environmental capture


project beyond in a natural capture environment
The Project Beyond captures 30fps HD 3D stereoscopic 360 surround video… say that three times fast.


person in place of camera rig
Capturing with Project Beyond will give an individual Player the realistic experience of standing (or sitting) with head precisely at the location of the camera mount.


Project Beyond is a circular array of 16 cameras, including one top-facing lens to capture sky data.


The 16 HD cameras are aligned as 8 stereo pairs, with optimized inter-ocular distance.


exploded view diagram shows the working parts of the Project Beyond 3D 360 camera rig.






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