When we design spaces, we want our worlds to be alive.

A key component of this sense of vitality is dynamic audio. In a nutshell, dynamic audio is physics-based, player-generative audio signals. The two challenges we are working on are:

1. the sound of the lightsaber as the player swooshes it around them in the environment. buzzzzzzz…. hmmmmm… zap! Obviously, this is dynamic, based on the velocity and acceleration of the ‘blade’.

dsky sceneplay lightsaber ultimate
dSky ScenePlay Star Wars experience, currently in development

2. the sound of wind in the player’s hair as they fly high above the city… modulated by airspeed, gusts, and hopefully, near-miss-objects.

dSky ScenePlay Flying Experience, currently in development

Programming Sound with Pure Data

Solution? Hard work, creative sample bases, and sweet code. I’ve found this awesome resource: Programming Sound with Pure Data, by Tony Hillerson.


Can’t wait!

Stay tuned… and to sign-up for an alpha invite to try out our experiences, click here


PS – here’s a little extra on the actual components of the original lightsaber sounds: doppler microphone swinging :)



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