In August 2014 I traveled to San Francisco for play. What I got instead was inspiration, insight, and a renewed passion for creating. “Creating what?,” you ask?

My first experience with the Rift.
Greg’s first experience with the Rift.

Read on.

On that fateful trip, I paid a visit to my high school classmate and colleague, Pete Oberdorfer, at his studio, Tactic. There, for the first time, I placed a piece of kit called the Oculus Rift VR atop my head. What happened next changed my world. I was literally *teleported* into another world of experience and sensation.

From that moment onward, I threw myself head-first into the rapidly emerging realm of Virtual Reality, or VR. I am now dedicating my considerable talent and energy into creating magical experiences for the coming VR masses. Thus, this letter.

The dSky9 VRFAQ is a compilation of all the ideas I am tapping into, the knowledge I am gleaning, and the wisdom I am generating in the Brave New World of VR.


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