At Oculus Connect 2, a select group of VR developers got to finally see what Oculus had been demoing behind closed doors for the last 4 months. Its called Toybox, it shows the leading edge of consumer Social VR, and it is a:

  • real-time,
  • multi-player
  • collaborative
  • social
  • playroom
  • with full head tracking
  • dual hand tracking
  • basic gesture tracking
  • and articulated avatar hand rendering

That’s a lot of lingo, so I’ll break it down for you two ways :

  1. Oculus ToyBox is :
    a place you can play in alongside your friends. You can see 1:1 scale representations of them in the same room as you, from a first person perspective. Its fun.
  2. Here are some videos.
    These are recordings of real people playing from physically separate locations within the same virtual room.


This demo is also the clearest indication, other than pure techgasm, of the reasoning behind Facebook’s purchase of Oculus for $2b last year: the fact that, until now, VR experiences have been highly solitary in nature. Toybox, and the companion GearVR piece “Social VR Cinema,” where friends can watch movies together, start to show the rich promise of the multi-player future that is Social VR.

Here’s the offical clip, showing a few more interaction styles, including slingshots. Yes, VR slingshots.

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