While at Oculus Connect 2014, I heard a lot of ideas about where VR was going, and what might be the killer app for it. Some of those seemed off the wall, some were half baked, yet one stuck in my head: a concept that Carmack outlined, about being crammed into an airline seat, hands on keyboard, looking out at your virtual workspace, which in my mind manifested as an array of 6 HD monitors.


The concept was simple and profound at the same time: with VR, we could punch holes into other dimensions, literally create space, where none had existed before.

“desktop replacement will be credible
on the next generation of HMDs”

— John Carmack

The achievement is doable, and soon; Samsung just announced its QuadHD 2160 x 3840 micro-displays, and the path to 16k and even 32k displays is clear. These will essentially enable retina-class virtual workspace computing. In other words, you will be able to perceive literally tens of millions of pixels, at depth, that don’t actually exist in the real world, that materialize past the constraints of any physical walls or barriers.

One of the stranger reasons that people replaced their massive tube monitors and televisions with flatscreens was arguably for their portability, though in practice, flatscreens are installed then almost never moved again. But in a virtualized environment, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE 4 to 6 FLATSCREENS WITH YOU, RIGHT IN YOUR PURSE OR BACKPACK.

Simply pop on your helmet of choice, and there they are.

We’ve started to build a test case for this: watch our progress on the Virtual Office, with Natural Haptics.


One thought on “Use Case : The Virtual Office

  1. Spaceglasses, Cardboard, OculusVR, WebVR, Atheer – when will I be able to get and afford my 3D laptop with multiple screens already? Huh? Huh?

    Augmented reality seems like a better solution to the virtual office though. Having the ability to set up in a conference room or with other people F2F would be better IMHO.

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