Virtual Reality. VR.

What. Is. It?

Simply: VR is the sum of all virtual worlds, as a Universe, created by Men and Machines, for your personal entertainment, education, and eventual evolution.


Which begs the question: what is a Virtual World?

Let’s begin with a simple list.

A Virtual World is:

  • any 3d videogame you’ve ever played
  • any MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) you’ve ever played
  • any movie you’ve ever watched
  • any history book you’ve ever read
  • any fictional book you’ve ever read
  • any destination location on the real world, i.e. Planet Earth
  • any historical event that was recorded on Planet Earth

Wow! That’s a lot! Srsly??!?

YES! Srsly! In short, VR is the realization of any physical environment you’ve ever heard of, dreamed about, imagined or experienced, in rich immersive 3D, published on the global computing grid, and available for your consumption, experience, participation, co-creation and contribution.

MatrixVR - preparing for the jump
loading the Jump program, in MatrixVR, by Tipatat

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