confused by acronyms in the VR industry?
Here’s your handy decoder key:

CVComputer Vision — the collection of hardware and software technologies that abstract raster image views (i.e. camera feeds) into machine-recognizable objects, gestures, and narratives.

FoVField of View — the width and height, in radial degrees, of visual which an HMD presents to the player. Wider (90 degree plus) fields of view are the key advancement in consumer HMD hardware for 2014, producing presence for the first time outside the lab.

HMDHead-Mounted-Display — the thing you put on your face, which generally look like darkened ski-goggles, which enables you to visually percieve the virtual world

6DoFSix Degrees of Freedom. The 6 data points that a positional tracker streams to the playback engine: Position + Rotation, each in 3 dimensions. Position: X, Y, Z. Rotation: Yaw, Pitch, Roll. Learn more in our TechNote : VR tech 411 : 6DoF, XYZ + YPR, position + orientation in 3space:

RLReal Life — the things that are occuring in actual, physical reality. As opposed to VR.

VRVirtual Reality — duh.

VCVenture Capital — the entities that fund the startups which make the cool software and hardware that enable consumers and developers to experience and build for VR.

and, a start at a broader technical lexicon:



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