ViRa is the new SCUBA.

How so? Allow me to illustrate:

scuba vs. VR holodeck
Suiting up for SCUBA in the Grand Cayman | Suiting up for VR on Project Holodeck

Both experiences:

  • require the donning of highly specialized equipment which effectively isolates one from the outside world while simultaneously enabling one to experience a new world
  • are discontiguous with the normal waking world of land, gravity, humans and air.
  • can expose the player to alternate realities of physics and gravity
  • can expose the player to potentially dangerous physical scenarios
  • rely upon modalities other than voice to communicate with fellow participants
  • invoke a sense of magic and wonder amongst participants


Divers take the plunge into the rift… I mean reef.

Another solid analogue might be flight training.

What do SCUBA and Flight Training have in common? They both require significant amounts of training, and certification, prior to allowing participants to go solo on dangerous journeys. In all seriousness, we might consider a similar path for VR players; we’ve prepared some guidelines and suggestions below:

In the interest of both safety, and enjoyment, we might consider these elements to be foundational pillars for the new reality we are collectively entering into.

more to come…

2 thoughts on “ViRa vs. SCUBA : Certification for VR Deep Dives

  1. It’s an interesting analogy. I think the true value of VR though, is that it is able to provide a similar experience to these things (SCUBA, flight training) without the possibility of any ACTUAL danger, which opens the activity up to wider audience.

    1. Alex, if you think there’s no ACTUAL danger in VR, try any full-body sim in anything but a furniture-free padded room. I’m surprised my flat-screens still work, they’ve been knocked onto the floor so many times.

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